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Always a pleasure to play this game!

thanks :)


A fluffy, funny predecessor of Dome Keeper. Love it!


love this game! my only thing i find offputting is that it gets reaaaly like, glitchy after you play it for awhile. but besidest that suuuper fun :D


This was a fun little game. Great job! 

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Excellent game. It was a little frustrating at first, since I personally struggle with the mouse-point-gunfire thing, but once I got some walls built I just had to stand in one spot and rapid fire in one direction.

I like the concept a lot, and the mechanics are great, especially for so few buildings/animals. It could definitely be expanded into a much larger game with different crops with different effects, more animals/buildings, and even more gnome types.

Music and sound effects were excellent. Very professional and fit the mood well.

And I absolutely love the style. The characters and buildings look great and are super cute.


I really enjoyed the game, huge recommend to anyone.

Some feedbacky notes:

* game lags to unplayable when closing off with walls (gnome magic?)

* not sure how I like being stuck in sow/etc animations, kinda wanna hold button while doing something

* exiting from build tool only possible with escape (which exits full screen) or changing to gun

* UI didn't update cost for spire

* bullets hit walls a bit too easily

When you close off your sipre, the path finding algorithm for the animals and gnomes probably ends up in a really nasty failure loop which is probably causing the nearly frozen game condition.


I love it, nice work!

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It's probably just my trash laptop but after a while the amount of gnomes starts to lag my game :,) other than that, I find this really fun! :]


I surrounded myself with terrets and got 100+ workers (mostly raccoons) and left the game on overnight, woke up this morning to 3000+ lavender and I could barely move from the lag lmao. Amazing game with an insanely good gameplay loop! if you ever want to update the game, maybe add shops that sell better guns for your character :D

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Good game, well made. It got really laggy at the end because I had 8 full trees and I'm playing on my school chromebook. I realized walls are useless if you have enough turrets, which I did. I put a turret every 4 blocks or so, and it was very much worth the investment. Not a single gnome got past them.


This was lovely! I’m so blown away by how much gameplay is in this game! I ALMOST finished it (was up to like 130 lavender with two maxed shelters of animals) when I tested what happened if you fully enclosed your area and the game just like 100% froze on me.

I really loved my time with the game, though, and it was super chill to stream :D

Thanks so much! That's an unfortunate bug in the jam version, but the post jam version (1.2) fixes this as well as adds a couple of new things :)


A wonderful game made by wonderful people


This is quite a fun experience :D , it been a long time since I've played this type of game, so I had fun!
I know it just made in 3 days so, there's defo a lot to improve, so
these are a few bugs i encounter and a few sugggestion from me.

there's still a bug where some gnome can pass through the walls if i make the walls on a tilted land so i had to make it two layer.

on leveling up there's a few perk unlocked but there's no description so it's a bit hard to guess what it does.

The difficulty dropped when the walls were unlocked, so it could be challenging if the gnome can pass through the mole turret and can destroy walls (ie walls have hidden hp like minecarft blocks)

it also be good if we can set up the farming area so the animals will not go outside the farming range

kinda cool if you can process lavender into something else , or have some skill tree research type game

Other than that overall it 's a good and working game :D
Keep up the good work!
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I used the app and the default installation path was for the jam version. I’ll have to go back and play the post-jam version to see the new fixes and additions. (One piece of feedback I had was not being able to remove roads and walls. Looks like that was addressed in the post-jam version, so ignore this feedback in the video below.)

Regardless, this was a fun experience! Building up a lavender producing empire is incredibly satisfying. The music is relaxing and it’s pretty satisfying mowing down gnomes. Overall, I had a great time! I’ll definitely go back and play the post-jam version!


thanks a ton for playing and recording :)
Videos like this are very helpful, as it is excellent feedback to see someone play for the first time. I'll watch it soon and am sure i'll learn some things that will lead to improvements. 


Awesome game! had a good time playing it! Gnome do kind of get stuck. I am guessing because of the path finder. I do like the upgrades and pixel art for this game!
You can check out the game play on my stream

Beat the game, got all the gnomes, had a great idea: "What if I trap myself in?" Game crashes due to pathfinding issues.

Fixed in the post jam version

it doesnt appear to be fixed, my game crashed when i boxed in my farms 

Are you playing the jam or the post-jam release (1.2)?

is this the jam ver

Both are available and labeled in the Downloads section


Great little game. Super fun and addicting. And I love LOVE the art style of the assets, the color palette, and the music, especially the nighttime theme :)


i hit the back button when i was at 277 lavender

Oh no XD.....


Another addictive game, I made it to the end?

For me I think this one was a little less difficult than orbles, same kind of vibe more cute and this time was easier to understand 


I build a prison and my game broke. 10/10 very fun game


me when the gnomes steal my soul instead of my crops: