— Game Description: —

The next semester of Wizard School is approaching, and funds are low… What’s a young apprentice to do? Time to hustle!!

Donut Park is the newest bougie foodie hotspot. Orcs, fairies, and elves from all over the realm are lining up to indulge in sugary delights.

But… the parking lot will only fit so many cars! As valet, it’s up to you to park patrons’ cars and return them in pristine condition. Your tips (and your tuition) depend on it.

Good luck!


—  Controls — 

Control Character/Car: WASD / Arrow keys
Drift (In Car): Space
Enter/Exit Car: E / Enter
Use Horn: Control

(Post-jam version has gamepad controller support)




Download the OST here!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Authorsbippinbits, Raffaele Picca, plainfolly, Cameron Paxton
TagsLudum Dare 54
LinksLudum Dare


DonutParkHere_PostJam_linux.zip 66 MB
DonutParkHere_JamSubmission_windows.zip 65 MB
DonutParkHere_linux.zip.zip 67 MB
DonutParkHere_PostJam_mac.zip 80 MB
DonutParkHere_PostJam_windows.zip 66 MB

Install instructions

The official submission for rating the game for Ludum Dare 54 is DonutParkHere_JamSubmission_windows.zip.

The changes of the Post Jam versions are few:

  • added controller support
  • fixed a crashes when trying to restart the game while in a car or focussing a car
  • adjusted rank values a bit to be fairer
  • added leaderboard


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so fun! i love the colors and music, just dunno how to beat day six haha


Beautiful game! I love it! 


Oh my goodness lol I'm so bad at this... 😅 But it's a lot of fun, super cute, and a great way to capture the ridiculousness of capitalism and trying to afford school! 🤣 The art is great, the music is cute, the stress level is good (even for someone like me who gets SO FREAKING STRESSED OMG), and I love the mix of "standard" and puzzle modes... Even if I demolish nearly every single car in puzzle mode and still take 5 mins to do it.

- ✨Beth


soooo fun frr

I think everything is too fast-paced for a casual gamer to enjoy this


Very Very similar to "Very VeryValet".

Pretty cool anyway


This game fulfilled every hooligan's dreams) Thank you for breaking the cars)))

I wish there was a version for Mac/html. Graphics look nice, I would love to play

We plan to release it there too in the upcoming days... if it works out nicely

Mac is here now 🤩

AND html :D


Amazing! It is so nice to play! I literally could play it all day. I like all of your game for how addictive yet interesting and complex they are. The music fits very well! You could have done it just a parking and just some people, instead you created Donut parking and a fox and fairies! And that is what makes this game so unique!

There was a moment, when I pressed E to enter the car, but it was too late, so the car driver decided to drive away, but I was already in the car, so I draw away as well and could not return.