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yeh good


got the emmy, haha

Hehe, good job :D


Kinda reminds me of bob the robber in a way, dont ask me why.

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Hey I just want to say this game is my personal favorite in LD40.

You really should extend it! Maybe turn it into a short game with 10 level or so?  Or you could add cause-and-effect mechanics into the game to add realism to the neighborhood?

I'd love to see more content of this playstyle <3


Wow, thank you so much! We do have some ideas on how to continue, though i would first like to go for a more original art style, the rpg maker vibe is not too appealing for me :D

I hope, we eventually expand on this a bit, with a small level up system and a few neighborhoods with a few levels each, where there is some variation in mechanics.

SO... where is it? I need it pls pls