Control the small world that is your body and become 100 years old! Decide which parts of your beautiful body to expand, while managing your energy and poison levels.

Please let us know how you find it. This is our first Ludum Dare Entry. As is tradition, we ran quite late and had little time to tweak and balance.

How To:

  • yellow bar = poison
  • green bar = energy
  • blue bar = age
  • Move, Heal and expand your organs. Just click them, a small description is below.
  • Click your head to expand different body parts. This is important for events.
  • some illnesses and habits are clickable. For example by clicking lung cancer you can start chemo therapy
  • heart: defines your maximum energy
  • lung: produces a little energy
  • stomach+intestines: produce a lot of energy, size ratio between them matters. You get some poison from food.
  • kidney: reduces your poison from food a lot
  • liver: reduces the poison in your body

This game was made for Ludum Dare 38. You can find the original entry here:


desktop-1.0.jar 16 MB


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Cool idea! I find the whacky nature of this game very interesting.

Although I must say that it is way too hard to upgrade your body, as poison is consuming the body faster than I can heal it and events happen way too frequently.

As for the ludum dare theme, I really like that you didn't make a planet game like 90% of the other entries :)