Fixes, new Cover Art and Community Levels


i just deployed a few fixes for some issues that rose up in the last days. Nothing huge, see the list below. One player named tuure got to dominate all the highscores, the hall of fame and already made 3 very cool levels. One of it has a best known solution of over 300 moves, which is insane considering the level doesn't look that complex. The longest level of the campaign is at 99 moves, for reference.

Other than that, we haven't planned anything for Moggies right now, as we are busy working on Dome Romantik. Anne does all the graphics for our games. For Dome Romantik, i'm currently the bottleneck, so Anne had some time to do something else. She gave the cover artwork for Moggies another try, we hope you like it :)


  • fixed a crash when solving the last sokoban level
  • fixed some ambience tracks that were not looping properly
  • fixed players not being able to enter the hall of fame, if their name containes a space
  • fixed play counts and level ratings of community levels not being registered, if the level name or user name contains a space

That's it for now, i hope you have fun :)


Of Mice and 298 MB
Jul 16, 2021
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Jul 16, 2021

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