Originally developed in 72h for Ludum Dare 48. The web version can have crackling sound, use the download version if it bothers you.

We have plans to continue with this game. Join our Discord to see what is happening, to bring in your ideas, to shape the game and play new versions!

How to

Dig your way through to the core of the planet. Mine minerals, bring them back to your dome and install upgrades just in time to defend from hostile lifeforms.

Controls: Arrow Keys and hit or hold space.

Music by Cameron Paxton
Palette slso8 from Luis Miguel Maldonado
Made with Godot.

Updated 4 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withGodot
TagsAliens, Atmospheric, Ludum Dare, ludum-dare-48, Monsters, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksSteam, Ludum Dare


domeromantik_win.zip 32 MB
domeromantik_linux.x86_64 58 MB
domeromantik_mac.zip 44 MB

Development log


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so cool!


I like the game, although I wish there was an option to turn off the monsters/hostile life form


This was super cool. A really nice blending of two classic game archetypes.

thank you :)


Really enjoyed the game, I'm quite excited to see where this game goes. there is a lot of potential to mine out the world and build up your dome  


That was amazing! Everyone, watch this!

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to play! ;{D

idk if it's just me, but the browser version is not working, it just sits on what looks like a loading screen

Sorry about that, it won't work with every browser. I know it doesn't work on firefox, but works on chrome. It is either this or having broken audio for everyone. The downloadable versions should work for everyone though.

not working on MS Edge either...


just check, not working on chrome either.

Thank you for the comment, that helps! I think a current chrome update made it also unplayable, so i uploaded the non-threaded web version again. It runs on all browsers, but can have crackling sound. Best to use the download version, but it should run in any case now :)


No, thanks you for replying so soon! :) Just out of curiosity, was the issue that browsers no longer support multithreads?

Something like that. There need to be two headers set to enable this threaded build:

Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin

Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp

Itch doesn't set those. Chrome so far only showed a warning, but with the recent v91, it is mandatory like it was in firefox for a long time.

So, i'm very thankful for your comment, otherwise it would have remained unplayable for many people.

Now that I played the game and finished it. I have some questions. Have you played any game in the Kingdom saga? I think that there are many similar ideas here. Does the ending changes according to the difficulty? Great game BTW

Yes, i played and loved the Kingdom games :)

I can see how there is a similarity especially in the waves, although i didn't conciously think about that when designing the mechanics. But of course i'm influence by all the games i played

I love the music of Kingdom, so i also gave that as a reference to Cameron (who made the music for dome romantik). I think it's similar too, which i like a lot. I listened to the Kingdom OST thousands of times while working on games.

There aren't different endings yet, and we haven't planned on any for this version. However, we are working on a ton of things for the full version, demo coming soon. Community playtest starting this weekend over our discord, please join if you like :)


Just wow, amazing game. I just had to mine every block, maybe I'm ocd lol

Yes friend, I can confirm that you are OCD if you still have an urge to mine empty blocks after you get the Proximity radar upgrade


I really enjoyed this (even wishlisted it on Steam)! If I may, I have two suggestions for you: 
1) Let the player know what each resource looks like from the start (it could just be in the instructions menu before the game begins).
 Maybe have the dome be battery-powered to add an extra layer of difficulty once a player upgrades to a second laser. 

For my first point, I found myself confused during my first attempt because I didn't realize that the little icon for the Auto-Repair upgrade represented a type of resource (sand). I didn't get the resource counter upgrade at the time, so I didn't know what it was (the same thing applied for the resource for the fruit upgrade).

As for my second point, I found that once the second laser was added, a lot of tension was gone because I could just hold down the spacebar and move the lasers around, killing all the enemies before they could even get close to the dome. My suggestion is that if the dome is battery-powered, it could have no trouble maintaining a single laser, but a second laser would drain too much power. So, either the player would have to mine for a specific resource to maintain the battery's energy OR the lasers would have a cooldown period of a few seconds (either synchronized or separate). If the former, the resource wouldn't even have to be something new, it could be something that's already being mined, but the player has the option to either use it for the battery/lasers or something else. 

Anyway, those are just my thoughts and feedback. For all I know, you may have already thought of this or someone else told you already... If that's the case, then I apologize for the repetition. In any case, I'm eager to play the full version of your game with whatever the final features end up being!


Thank you so much for the detailled suggestions, i really appreciate this. I find both your points very clear und sensible. 

The first point should be improved in the demo for the full version, where you only unlock the resource-related upgrades after retrieving a resources of that type.

The second point is also really good, something i need to think about a bit more. Both your solutions would work and have their own merit. Both should be playtested at some point, implementation is usually quick :)

I regularly post updates on our discord, and discuss suggestions from the community. Please join if you like! Maybe i'll also start a video devlog, but on the other hand i need to make sure i spend enough time actually working on the game :D

No problem at all! I'm glad that you found my suggestions helpful :D 


Wow, this is awesome! The pixel art used is epic!

(1 edit) (+3)

I loved it. the time limit did make me a bit anxious and thats amazing, because one time I was going up from mining and saw that the timer was already done so I got there as quick as I could. It was a good thing I was hauling what I would need to auto repair it. But after I found out the secret to ultimate speed, it was fine. I love the game and can't wait for it to come out on steam which actually ask's the question: Will the full game be free?


Thank you :)
Oh, what's the secret to ultimate speed? The fruit?

The full game won't be free - a game made for free will have half the content and take quadruple the time. It won't be expensive either, and there are many ways to get it for free, like joining the tests that will eventually come around, or asking me. It will also be released on itch, where there is no drm, so it could be "shared" in theory :D  What i'm trying to say is: if you want to play it but can't buy it, i will help.


10.1/10 so good +1 fan

P.S please add a wave mode where you can go forever and it gives you a boost next round on how good you did

(1 edit) (+2)

could there maybe be difficulty modes that change the time between attacks?

I really want to enjoy this game, but i don't take time limits too well and i get panicked that I won't get up from the mine in time for the attack, leading to me staying in the dome and making no progress, so an option for a longer timer would be amazing.


oh yeah, i get it, thank you for the feedback! I hear you and i'll add a few difficulty options with the next update, coming next week.


Hey, not sure if you saw it, but i added a difficulty mode. It changes mostly the time between waves and the dome health. I hope that works better for you. The time limit is somewhat necessary to the gameplay, so the feeling of urgency will never fully go away (or the game loses it's point).

yeah i saw


excellent game! balanced exploration (for resources) with base defense! excellent pixelart!
great job!


im having a problem with the text again on browser ive beaten it and all but for new players it is gonna be hard to read them


great game i loved it. i recon you should make it longer, and with more levels so as you go deeper it progresses through levels of hardness till you get to the bottom  


I enjoyed this game! Cool work.

nice, short game. good use of a lunch break.

(1 edit) (+2)

The beginning was a bit bumpy for me, but now after an adventurous journey to the core, I don't want to miss it. You have gained a new fan. <3

It's insane that you developed this game in only 72 hours; big respect.


Wow, thank you :)

What was a big time saver was not having any procedural generation. There are only a few prebuilt maps, which was very fast to do compared to generating the maps. Taking shortcuts like this adds up :D


this is about one 3rd of what I digged down until I reached the brick walls... hopefully this is enough proof to show that I digged the whole map (its not so hard with max upgrades) also if you notice my compass is point at the left with one of the knobs pointing to the right.

Wow, you are an industrious digger! The compass proves it, you're right. Really funny, i've never seen anyone do that :D


i like this game a lot, the exploration, the unique way of doing combat, the art style, and the upgrading mechanics are lovely. I beat the game by accident because I wanted to see if there was a bottom. If I didnt go down I would never beat it. Maybe add like hints of what to do? because it also took me forever to realize you could harvest the mushroom. But great game!

Hehe, at least you realized! I do have to explain this somehow, you are absolutely right.


Cool game! Beat on me 4th try! PLEASE ADD MORE :)


I like this type of games I enjoyed it very much.


I really would like to translate your game into Turkish. The game is great and amusing. If you want to contact me, you can reach me via this email address: meliksahcivitt@gmail.com

Thank you so much for the offer! Right now, it has no localization support, so it cannot easily be translated. I'm currently cleaning up a bit and testing new features, and would like to come back to your offer once the game supports localization :)

Okay no problem, Good luck! Your game is amazing I hope it will come up with new features soon 馃槉


Cool game! Had a little trouble understanding how to use the improved jetpack that uses up the other resource. I guess I have to collect the thing on the left in the dome? Also I think my dome stopped repairing itself at some point and I don't know why.

Hehe, guilty on that. The mechanic is not explained properly, and very few people do actually use the fruits. I know there is a todo, but i haven't decided on when and how to teach this. I'm not a fan of tutorial panels, so i'm looking for something else first (most likely animate the tree, so there is a visual cue).

For the record: If you collect water, one water will let the tree grow. You can use the fruit, which is then visible in the "burning chamber" in the HUD, and slowly used up. During that time, you are faster and can carry more. Similar thing with the repair, only in that instance it uses the third resource (sand).


It repairs itself when you collect the brown squares.  When you have full health, it stores the brown squares.


that was a great game, simple concept, amazing execution

I would honestly love to play an extended version of this


how that game is really surprising I loved the end


Excellent game ! Really engaging, simple and easy to understand. Those enemies are really cool, specially their attack animation, also I'm happy that there's an actual end for the game, a way too win (way too many games like that don't). My only little tweak would be to make it clearer when all the enemies from a wave have been killed, so we don't waste time in battle. Really good game !!


Great suggestion, a kind of release sound should play at least, maybe a indicator on the hostile proximity meter. At least staying in battle is not a disadvantage gameplay wise, because the countdown to the next wave will only start after you leave the station.


Dev can you make a save mechanic  that would be great and I love this game it's really fun

Sure can, i'm glad you like it! No promises for this version, but we are pondering about a full, much expanded versions that would also feature save games.

ok great :)


omg!! i love this!!


Hey Dev! 

I included your game on this week's Indie Game Playlist! Well Done!

Ah very cool, thank you for including us :)


Very tense


I would love if you developed "Dome Romantik" further, and want to pay you for an expanded version of the game. Your "Of Mice and Moggies" title is ready for purchase, but it just isn't for me. Is there a download count or rating count threshold where you'd consider further development/accept payments?

Wow thank you! Yeah, Moggies is a very different game :D

To be honest, the feedback on Dome Romantik was amazing and we are planning and designing how a full release could look like. We'll prototype a bit, wait for the ludum dare results and if all works out, we'll announce something then.

If you don't want to miss it, we'll surely post it on twitter @BippinBits. Otherwise, our discord is the best option if you want to get more involved https://discord.gg/AxYpX7AaFP (for example, if we run a closed alpha/beta, we'll go to discord first).


A cool game, really liked the art style. The combat kinda works but feels very easy to get overwhelmed. The upgrades make sense and feel good. Very good job.

good fun


Very cool game! It is featured in my video! 

Take a look!


Awesome, very cool compilation. I find it really impressive what people make again and again!

(1 edit) (+1)

Which one is the post-jam version? domeromantik.exe or domeromantik_orig.exe?


Ah, sorry if that was unclear. I changed the description to be clearer on that. It's the "orig" one. Thank you for the feedback!

the game froze and bugged out when I was on the last layer after like 50mins of playing the bug was that my character went into the shooting thing but it wasn't any wave so and the UI didn't come up to upgrade as I had every single upgrade and I was forced to close the tab.. so can someone tell me what does the end looks like couldn't find any playthroughs on yt and stuff :C

I mean the ending is kinda lame it should have used a few animations or even some story but sure it's a game jam game so it was perfect, I would be very interested if this gets developed further :D


I like this game a lot, Very great idea to bring the item back instead. 


this is awesome i need part 2 longer <333333


this game was amazing! it was such a cool spin on the typical digger game and the mechanics were so interesting! i like how you had to attach and pull back the individual resources, which forced you to manage how much you were taking at a time, and having to stop digging to defend certainly made things more interesting!

the upgrades were nice and satisfying to get too because they made such a difference to the gameplay! like for example the gravity one and the final laser one both massively sped up the gameplay.

the graphics were lovely too! the palette was a really nice set of colours. i like the design of the creatures as well,  spooky but simple and effective at the same time. oh and the end scene looked absolutely lovely!!

overall, it was a really enjoyable game that i had a lot of fun playing. awesome job!!!

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