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Very good game. Graphics, music, ui, concept, ect... Nothin to really criticize. It's a solid all rounder! I got totally destroyed on the first game but after trying different things, I ended up in a perpetual city that you could walk away from and it would survive indefinitely! I wonder why there's a cap of 100 soldiers? It's not enough of an upper limit to prevent this strategy. In fact it seems juuust about enough soldiers for it. I had watch towers all around the border, and could mess around with roads and supply chains as I pleased.

Not a very organized infrastructure lol. I learned as I expanded!

Having this structure for my final answer about How to finish a run in 10 minutes:

See the tile right above the Solar Chamber? You can build a road to connect it, while the key is that: just don't. For the big guy will smartly take the very first passable path towards the orb instead of the shortest way, which means building extra roads may cause about 5 more minutes at worst waiting for him wandering around the whole map.




Very fun once you figure it out!


Spoiler alert!!!!

This game is hard until I find this structure...

and it becomes a super easy game...

The ratio I find is 4 forts per mine; 2 huts per farm, and maximizing all workers on these routes and none else where gives you super easy win lol

Nice game!


Nice game, each time learn something new and a better way to manage until winning. 

Was confused at first, until i get the idea of connect farm to a point, and that point to houses to have more people. For soldiers,  connect mine to point, then that one to fortress. From there, learn ways to manage more effectively. 

Only bug found when "Quit to title screen", "quit game" or "quit to desktop" (on browser), apart from some sound glitch at starting new game

to hard  💀💀💀


I get this error in Opera Gx:

WebGL not available

Opera doesn't come with WebGL any more?


This is a problem of your browser - you can't play the game in the browser if webgl is not supported. You can however download a windows or linux standalone. No reason to give a 1 star rating :(


Are you not sure what to do now? If that's the case: there is one last orb to the top right. You can scroll with arrow keys, wasd or right click drag to get a better look. Connect it to your road network, same as with the other orbs.


Very good work, love from BILIBILI




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So, I have created a city that lasts indefinitely.  
So, 1st big design issue is the map.  I can't seem to explore it.  I've tried click /drag, ctrl, and a number of other options.    That makes finding the third orb super difficult.
The screen seems to want the map to be a certain height.  so, making the window narrow allows me to see the left/ right edges of the screen, Finally had some luck with a very small window to see the rest of the map.

2nd, I have 200 guys who can't find their way to the forts.  Not sure how to control for that.

Right click and drag for the camera


Very fun to play


I think feedback is very poor, which makes game unnecessarily hard to get into. What should I do? What I'm lacking? Any intermediate goals? It feels like game is continuously screaming "DO SOMETHING!" what? "I DON"T KNOW! DO ANYTHING!"

Build farms and huts to create dudes. Have dudes and ore (from mine) in a fort to create soldiers. Soldiers fight off the bad guys. You win by connecting the orbs to your road network and have one of the big carrier dudes reach the orbs. (Reach/collect 3 orbs = win)


There's not enough space to build anything though


A very nice game, especially considering it was made in 72 hrs! 
It has an old school flash game vibe.. brings me back almost a decade. Good times. 

What a pleasant suprise. Hoping you keep developing games. 


Had a lot of fun learning the game!

this game is the closest we have to an attack on titan strategy game and i love it, wish there were more games expanding on this concept


Please make it 32bit ( if Possible ) it look like the game are good

what do you mean with that? Higher resolution, more colors?

32 Bit OS support Because i have Windows 7 32 bit and The game require 64 bit

ah, i understand. Are you able to play it in the browser?

i can but i want to play it with this downloadable version


What should i do now '-' 


Hehe, good job, stable economy! :D
Build a road connection to the golden orbs. Then a big orble will start from your solar chamber, to gather it. If you get all 3 orbs, you win.

I only see 2 golden orb tho

You can scroll through the map. The last one should be out of screen.

How do i scroll?

WASD or hold right mose button and move the mouse.


Excellent resource management strategy game. Just 3 resources (if you include people), and just a lot of routing stuff around. Very enticing!


Hi bippinbits

hi :)


Hey!, tried your game and two others in a video. Liked it, quite difficult at first tho. 

wohoo, thank you :)


I love it, it's not hard when you get it but your need your time


Tricky but really cool!


Scary. 😁

Hey mate! Please check your instagram :)

which instagram? Don't have an account i use, maybe it's a mixup.


This was awesome. Once I got my settlement working well, and my Orriors more than about 20, it was smooth sailing. Excellent job for 72 hours.


WAY TO HARD -_- but I LOVE THE CONCEPT (perhaps make the early game easier)


nice, very nice


sometimes Warrior stop walking they just stay somewhere attacking in the empty forever...


Really good quality game, loved it. The only problem being I can never beat the game, it keeps crashing when I am winning.







If you are strugling with the game just keep building farm and huts together in all the free space, basically grind population.


Very well done in general.  Requires careful planning of roads which took several failed attempts to figure out which felt like a good puzzle. 

Orrior AI seems to need a little help and the cap at 80 makes it quite hard to actually defend both sides of the base.  Either that or a bug was keeping 80 from actually being produced.  It would be nice if they prioritized enemies within the watchtower range.  Or maybe it's that the garrisoned troops aren't actually leaving the towers?  When a tower is destroyed, suddenly a stream of 20 new Orriors are produced from a fort.  Cycling through supplied forts would help rather than producing out of the same fort.  I kept having half the map cleared and the other half munching up my buildings with Orriors maxed out and multiple watch towers on both sides.


Positive: I love the concept and visual direction of the game.

Improvements:  Cannot beat this game, or even move beyond just collecting the first orb. Even with going ham on the huts and farms (I can fit four) I can't produce enough warriors to reclaim overtaken spaces. Soldiers tend to ignore the closest Purants and choose less concerning targets. I'm going crazy trying to make it work.


Hmm. I'm enjoying the gameplay, but it's... frustrating how my orriors completely ignore the watchtowers and go hunt enemies exactly where I don't care about them at all.

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Attack on Titans + Settlers. Very cool.

I hope you develop it further. More resources, more units, more enemies, more levels.

Only problem I saw was that sometimes your soldiers go to one place on the map and you get overrun on the other side. Placing/removing watchtowers should force your soldiers to stay in that radius so they don't wander off.

Edit: Just saw the goats and the knights in one of the gifs. Looking forward to see it in the next update. Or is there a way to build them right now?


Your update helped me make some progress and I'm intrigued enough to keep trying! I gather that once I get the hang of it I'll be like, ooooooooh. Or it's just a really intensely hard game? Ha. It's fun though. I like the aesthetic/art/music/autobattler thing going on. I'm over here thinking like warcraft 2 but I keep remembering that I can't actually move the orriers myself. 


Is this a worker placement game?

How far are you getting? Are you collecting an orb? Are you getting overrun, or quit the run because you think it is lost?

Just trying to get a feel for the balance - it might very well be too hard right now.

It's not really about placing workers, but you have to take care not to use all your free orblings on the paths, because otherwise there won't be any left to go to the forts and become orriors. The immediate goal is to maximize orrior output - so you need some forts that are well provisioned with orblings and gemmstones.


I got it solved! Once I got a tip in the discord to go ham with making farms and huts, I was able to beat it on the first (re)try. 

Before I got this tip I was going until overrun and that happened before getting the first orb or just after getting it. I wasn't able to keep my first mine for long.

I think rather than dialing back the difficulty, it be better to introduce parts of the game in stages? Not sure how games are made so I realize that might be a silly suggestion. I love your stuff btw. Great games.


Didn't quite figure it out yet, but I love how playing feels. It's chill and somewhat threatening at the same time. The music supports that just perfectly.

The art style is great, and I love the tiny animations. It's so satisfying to watch the little guys wander around.

Will definitely play some more later to get the hang of it!
Great job to the whole team. Very awesome game.

Thank you J :)
I'd love to have much more animations in, so watching them becomes a full joy on its own.


Heyo! I already wrote something at the ludum dare website,  so I'm just gonna copy paste it here because honestly, I'd love to see this game get more popular!

When I first opened the game and saw the title screen and menu I was already impressed, after playing it I can confidently say that his game is absolutely outstanding. Was a bit difficult at the beginning, but the challenge makes you want to come back and learn how the game really functions, what the best strategies are for getting the orbs, and what you should absolutely not do unless you want to die quickly.

The art and animations are very cute, I love the little orbles ^^ The Purants are quite scary, I love how you can feel the weight and impact as they get closer, you really conveyed how important their approach is! Very nice music and sound effects, it sounds very cute when your orriors attack.

So far this is the best Ludum Dare game I played, you did an incredible job!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear you had a good experience with it. Will definitely work to make the "getting into it" a little smoother :)


Settlers 2 style walkers coded in a game jam? Amazing :D


Haha, yeah a bit too much complexity :D