Welcome to Ravenhaul, the kingdom's premier bird mail service!

Queen Isadora III needs a high performing avian delivery service, and you are the right one to make her happy!

Get birds, get patrons, get contracts - Work hard, peck hard, enjoy your hard earned kernels, that's how we roll in bird county.


  • WASD / Arrow Keys = move/fly
  • E = use
  • Q = drop
  • Space = jump


  • take delivery items from the window area and bring them to a bird to send them off
  • accept new contracts and patrons at your desk
  • buy new birds at the bird merchant
  • raise your reputation to unlock special perks and new patrons
  • stock up on food when prices are low to save a buck

Download the OST here.

Important: if you want to rate the game for Ludum Dare, be sure to download Ravenhaul_1.0_Jam_Submission. The other versions are "post-jam". They are not fundamentally different and still the same game, but have a better balance, better usability, better display of information and small features added.

Updated 15 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
Authorsbippinbits, Raffaele Picca, Jonathan Smårs, Cameron Paxton
TagsAtmospheric, Economy, Ludum Dare 53, Management, Non violent, Pixel Art
LinksLudum Dare


Ravenhaul_PostJam.zip 121 MB
Ravenhaul_PostJam_Linux.zip 122 MB


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Just give us a save function and make it available on Mac eventually pretty pls. There are other bugs to this game which have been mentioned, none that crucial. I do think all payments and penalties should auto accept at the end of the day though because you can just never accept penalties if you want too. :> Just here for constructive criticism.


why there is not a save function??? it most likely takes fairly some time to finish it not everyone has the free time to finish it in one sitting? this is so weird I truly don't understand the logic behind it

Because this is a game jam game ;)
Implementing a save is way beyond scope of that and takes some days to do.


This game is great however there is a bug with the moving nests function. When I move a raven's nest onto another raven's nest (on accident of course) the game says the raven is still there but it is not visible or usable anymore. Overall awesome job though! I love this game!


I really love the game! But the duration calculations are unclear. If I give a 150 km letter to the starting raven with a speed of 95 km/h, I would expect the time to delivery to be a little over 1.5 hours. Instead, it's 3.1 hours and I haven't the faintest idea why.

This makes it a little hard to make sure I'm picking the right birds for the job which is rather distressing -- Queen Isadora has demanded the best of avian logistics after all!

Returning distance too, if distance from post office to destination is 150 km, then the total distance for a trip would be 300 km, the 3.1 hour check out for a raven with speed of 95 km/h.


Mac compatiability please?


Please add a save function! Other than that its a pretty good game.


Great game!  I love the artwork and the game flow.  And surprisingly addictive.

Unfortunately, it seems the game crashes around day 35, both in the browser version (Chrome) as well as the one that can be downloaded (Windows 11).  I'd love to be able to actually finish the game sometime.

I've noticed this to


This is so easily addictive in the best way!! The economy is so harsh but in like a fun, makes you focus sort of way. Also actually beautiful visuals and music too


I love the artstyle so much honestly 


aaa the penalties are so harsh @-@ addictive game though


phew, I finished the game xD I had a ton of fun! Had to restart a few times because I'd get stuck in a cycle of debt though.... great job!!


This game is simple but super fun! :D


The game is truly amazing. It took me a bit to figure it out, but now I love it.

I really piked this game, however, could you please make a downloadble version for mobile?


Included Ravenhaul as part of a compilation on Ludum Dare 53 at 54:21. The playthrough was 2 and a half hours, so it needed a bit of trimming!

I love this! I would love if this one day becomes as a bigger game where you can upgrade your house etc. I could just keep on playing this. This has potential. 

Love the art and the gameplay, i wish this could be longer <3


I loved this game so much, I never wanted it to end.  The vibes are very chill and I love the gentle progression - learning the rhythms of a day: evaluating contracts, getting the express or long haul deliveries out first, feeling a little lonely as all the little birds are gone on their journeys.  An absolute delight and a hidden gem!

I'm scared to find out, but what happens when you don't have any food left to feed the birds?


It will automatically buy kernels at whatever the market cost is at the end of the day. Your birds will stay fed, but you'll go into debt ^^;


Alright, thank you


This game is amazing! However, you can simply ignore penalties and game crashes when you accept too much letters. Love this game!


I love this game, but I can't move nests bigger than 1 square. It's not super terrible, but it does bug me, because I can't get more than 1 stork.

The bird has to be in the nest to move it


good job guys, this game is so relaxing and fun<3


Loving the game!


Is there anyway to save progress? Super cute game


been playing for a bit and just want to say great game


I love this game so much, it's beautiful and the game play loop is so satisfying, I find myself coming back and playing it again!


if you exit on the end of day notice, you get stuck forever


great game! however is there a way id be able to save my progress?

(2 edits) (+1)

Great and relaxing. I like the whole concept and aesthetics.

kudos to the devs!

I finally "won", the Queen is lovely <3

(1 edit) (+2)

Better highlighting of the selected nest would be nice! It really gets difficult to maneuver with many nests.

Edit: I now realize, it is a bug: Nests sometimes do not get "unhighlighted".

Ah yes, thank you! Should be fixed now :)

you can double buy a bird. while this creates two nests it has only one bird. i now have two birds in one nest

Thanks, should be all good now.

notification list tends to fill up to a point where it can't be cleared

(2 edits)

It happened to me too where I couldn't place a bird nest because of it

yeah that was a bug with contracts that had multiple units of delivery. They should only appear when the are done.

it happens that a failed contract stays in the parcel list. i believe this is the case when you have picked up the parcel when it fails.

all fixed, thanks :)


great idea. when there are too many orders it becomes a mess because they can not be scrolled

this is added now, thanks for the suggestion!


Absolutely adore this game!! Everything is so well made, super impressed that this was made in such a short amount of time!

pls tell all the birds that I love them very much

haha, i will <3


A tutorial would be great! The art looks fantastic, and it's a lot to take in all at once.


Work hard, peck hard! This is so cute I love it~


yay it looks really cool


Ooooohhhh is this a Ludum Dare 53 entry?


ah yes, linked the page, thank you :)


Yay, awesome! I'm excited to check it out and rate it 🥳