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Absolutely loved it. Getting the two-laser upgrade and wiping out the hordes of melee monsters was so satisfying since they gave me so much trouble. The game was relaxing yet tense at times. The aesthetic was perfect. Music design was great and having to switch between mining and fighting kept either from getting too tedious. You ought to be proud of yourselves.


This game is great! I played on relaxed mode, and getting all the upgrades is SUPER rewarding!


I saw the steam version and immediately remembered playing this during LD48. This was one of my absolute favorite entries! So happy to see it get a full release! Congrats!

Are we ever going to get a full release on here?

I can't promise it yet, because i can't decide this alone - but i'd love to! Itch deserves as many games as possible that help give them back a bit of revenue. They did so much for us, with hosting all our free games, so i feel i owe them. Right now, the reality is just that we cannot support launching on more than a single platform, because we are so small. I hope we can change this some time after release on Steam (12 days from now, phew!).

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, you're right, Itch does deserve as many games as possible.

Felt very rewarding + not tedious imo. Absolutely loved it until the end! Hope to see more :-)

played it and got to the core, I really liked it!


Played this as well as the demo, love how far it's progressed and can't wait for the full steam release!


I just noticed you were planning a Steam release for this game!

This made my day: I’m sooooo happy to see a jam title making its way to a full enhanced release on Steam <3

Good luck!!

interesting but crazy tedious


Very cool


Supa naicu :D


This is amazing, the simplistic artstyle but cool cryptic looking bosses really gave a kingdom new land vibe. I love how it is a little like kingdom new lands in the art style and the mechanics as in you have to collect resources, upgrade, and the clock is ticking, very rewarding once you get the upgrades. Amazing game good job!


Really, really good game. Especially for something so small and simple. Thanks!

Hey, @bippinbits when are you going to put up the new demo (if at all)?


beat the game, can't wait untill its released on steam, very good game


I love this demo! Everything feels really good, from the mining to the way the aliens smash against the slowly-cracking glass. It felt tense the whole time, even near the end when I had a lot of upgrades.


still here keep working hard


Played thru, it's awesome! Love the art and design!

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Hello my name is Commander_K you can just call me K for short i am just a survivor playing your game and it was awesome! really simple to play it was scary for me but i learned how to master it

edit: I can't join the discord server because it won't let me there is a error that the sever is empty no channels or other things

wheres can i access the full version?


It's not released yet. New demo will come in June :)


ayo that is close and that is my birthday too :0


cant wait! thats also close to my bday :)


this is an amazing game

one small glitch, when u reach the end, if u dig left or right, u just fall into the abyss


I completed the game and it's awesome! works well on Linux (5.10.109-1-MANJARO). Maybe just add the ability to turn down the volume of the lasers would be good.

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I 100% agree. For this demo, the sound of the double-lasers over-power all other sounds. I'm looking forward to the upgraded release. :)

Hi, i download the win version, but when i launch it the game window is hidden on the bottom. AltGr+Entr doesn't work to make it fullscreen, how i can solve this problem to try your game?

My mouse doesn't want to appear too.

I FINALLY BEAT IT!!!! I was waiting for different creatures than just the two. I'm looking forward to seeing their attacks.


congrats :) 

More creatures will follow in the proper dome keeper demo.


The Carry More line of upgrades doesn't reset on game over.

Deleted 141 days ago

That was a great experience, it kind of made me mad starting off, but after i got the hang of it it was pretty fun, im ready to see how this game is developed!

fun :)

this is good i love this game 

Good game! The art style and the music gave me an immersive atmosphere, playing alone in the middle of the night. It has a lonely vibe that matches the setting.
The enemy timer got a little predictable... Maybe an alert could work better? Like: you won't know when they're coming, but when they do, you'll have a time limit to reach the dome.

Hey bippinbits is it okay that i could make an enemy for your game? if it's okay with you. 

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I keep forgetting to come back to the surface smh 

I absolutely love the game though. 

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I feel like that's an analogy for real life. Like, i sometimes forget to stop gaming and go to bed, and suddenly it's one hour later - too late!

true true :^

Plz controller support pleeeeeeeeeeease

how do you save the game?

how can i upgrade? 😅

You go to the computer on the right. It gives you the option to battle or to upgrade. 

oh ok thanks


I haven't had the chance to test the game yet, but from what I've seen the game is amazing, dev do you intend to release an Android version someday?

Mobile release is not planned yet, but we don't rule it out either. PC comes first.



Im sad because there is no controller support 

The current demo on steam has controller support. It will eventually also reach itch, just not yet.


Just did my best run yet of the game! Happy I did it on v23.11!

Brutal difficulty 100% across the board! I CANT STOP PLAYING THIS!


hi dev just came here to say i love the game i’ve been playing it tons! <3

Thank you <3

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Hey devs! has anyone have had any issues with the steam version of this game? I cant get past the title screen because it keeps crashing.  Says the godot engine is not responding. Its worked fine for me up until a week ago

Oh that's bad! Are you using windows, linux or mac?
There is not an obvious change that could cause the crash. But it sounds like this should be something introduced with v23.8 or later.

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