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Guide your caravan turn by turn through a crumbling word. Forage, mine and expand your following. Hire a Magus to perform world transforming spells, and finally reach the portal that will save...most of you.

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 49 with Godot. Come to our Discord to talk about it, or give feedback :)

I uploaded a post jam version as browser playable and downloadable (changelog below). I always recommend to play the downloadable, as the browser can have audio issues (crackling). If you want to rate the game for ludum dare, best play the downloadables called Karawan, not the PostJam versions.


  • control with mouse
  • try to get wagons for all 3 resources
  • wagons have to be manually assigned to work an adjacent field
  • get a magus, spells are fun
  • there are many paths to reach the portal

Changelog for Post Jam version:

  • added ingame options to change audio volumes and fullscreen/windowed
  • added a title screen
  • you can now purchase world maps on some occasions
  • added a third, puzzly world
  • when losing the game, it doesn't immediately go into the game over screen, but shows a flavor popup first
  • automatic resource collection available as upgrade
  • added 2 new spells (reverse caravan and rapid berries)

OST by Cameron Paxton

Updated 10 days ago
Published 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
GenreStrategy, Survival
Made withGodot
TagsAtmospheric, Isometric, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 49, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Turn-based, Turn-based Strategy
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


Download 34 MB
Karawan.x86_64 59 MB
Karawan_PostJam.x86_64 59 MB
Download 34 MB


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so cool.

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Hi there!

I created and continue to run a website called IndieGameOfTheWeek, and we were hoping you'd be interested in contacting us either via email or over twitter! :D We really enjoyed playing this game and we'd like to request a small interview and offer you our humble award.



Wow, we feel honored! Wrote to you via twitter :)


Have you ever played the board game "The Quest for El Dorado"? It's a hex tile based game that might be interesting to look at for inspiration if you wanted to take this project further (which I really think you should). El Dorado is a board game with a modular map system where you can build "maps" which are essentially race courses out of these hex clusters. It might be a good way to think about how to do procedural generation: have hand crafted areas that are stuck together procedurally by less intentional "hall way" paths.

Haven't heard of it, but i checked it out after your suggestion. Looks very interesting, thank you! I agree, especially for a procedural generation the combination and variation of pre made areas might be interesting. El Dorado also has varied costs for traversing tiles - a mechanic i initially planned, but scrapped because it would work a bit strange with the caravan. Now that i think of it, maybe the movement across some special tiles could require an extra food or ore. That's why it's good to look for inspriation, so thank you for suggesting it :)


Incredible, so well done. Cant believe you did it in 72 hours!

Thank you :)

I described a little bit how we did it in a short Post Mortem


Great fun.


Such a nice game, the mechanics are simple yet entertaining, the graphics and music are lovely. Well done!

It seems I can't beat desert. :/


This is amazing, I love it so much! Enjoyed world and atmosphere, would play more. I played at least for an hour, but how do I beat Desert? I can build only one farmer cart.


Oh thank you, that's great to hear! Sorry about the desert, i broke it while changing how the level is set up in the code. I missed adding some wood. I fixed that and it should play fine again. It is not a super interesting level in any case, was more like a last minute quick idea in the jam, about another scenario.

Ok, got it, it happens! Thank you for fixing it!


Really enjoyed this. I like the snake-like mechanics. I think it would be fun to use a system where the villagers automatically do actions rather than having to manually assign them, and the focus is more on where you go and what villagers you take. Would love to see this expanded. Great job!


Thank you Rob! That's a good idea. I thought about that too, but was hesitant as to not remove too much of the players actions. But on the other hand, of course i don't want brainless busywork. Once upon a time you always had to select the caravan leader before moving - now it is automatically selected if no other action is available. Also turned out a good decision to implement, i think :)


I just wanted to comment to disagree with Rob Hoff (no offense Rob). I think the dynamic of picking which places to harvest from was very interesting, especially when you discover that only one area can be farmed by one type of guy (which the desert actually does a great job of teaching me about). I actually think that it might be good to make auto-farming happen right away, and tutorializing the ability to choose targets early in the game instead of making auto-farm an upgrade, because "pro" play will involve saving the 2 wood and 2 food to optimize resource gathering. But I think something of the secret sauce of the game would be lost if you removed having to pick which resources to collect, and would become especially annoying if you had a farmer who selected the least optimal resource to farm every turn for 3 turns in a row and costed you potentially one or two extra farming opportunities.

Another way to teach players about selecting where to farm might be to leave the cheap auto-farming upgrade in the game, but make it a prerequisite for the rest of a skill tree branch, so players didn't feel bad losing resources due to their "laziness" as that upgrade is necessary to get to more powerful upgrades in the future. (You can tell I was repulsed by the idea of paying for that upgrade lol. I'm the type who would rather just do a little extra work to be optimal though.)

Thank you for the extensive feedback! You really hit great points here. The auto picking is important to reduce tedium, as it will be only annoying after you did it a hundred times. Still, i feel like i need the manual bit to really drive home that you have to work on adjacent fields. But pro players shouldn't be incentivized to make the game less enjoyable by saving these resources (which you really do feel in the beginning of the run) - optimizing the fun out of it. The skilltree idea would work great though!


Yea, I imagine it could simply be the first upgrade you have to get, that is literally the base of the skill tree. While I was writing that comment, I did kind of realize that teaching how to target resources in the way you did was actually very elegant. And now that I think about it, the thing that eventually made me buy the auto-picking upgrade was when I bought the sight range upgrade, saw that that unlocked another sight range upgrade, and thought that maybe there was another more interesting upgrade hidden behind the auto-picking one. I think if you were to take this further, probably a skill tree that shows the player "hey, you have to buy auto-picking, but it will be the first in a long line of upgrades" really would be the perfect solution.


Pretty atmospheric one! Management element is really well-executed and sometimes even honourably tough. Needs some polishing, though: game crashed twice upon game over screen; some random events would look exciting too.
Love it, thanks for this inspiring experience! :)


Thank you so much, that's great to hear (apart form the crashes). I haven't seen a crash like this, but will keep my eyes open for it and try to test some more.

I'd also like to add random events and more tiles to visit - we just didn't have the time during the game jam.

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Great game man, I love the mood it has with the music and all.
And the idea is pretty neat.

I gave it 2 tries but I didn't manage to go past the "wood wall ". Do I need 2 woodcutters ?

Thinking about it 2 farmers seems like a good idea given the balance or ressources.

I'll give in another try later.

Also is this for Ludum dare 49 ? I cannot find it in the Jam section.


So I gave it another try, the "purchase map" feature is a good idea I got baited by going through the woods on the SE. I finally finished barely finished the first level and it was really heart-breaking that I needed to abandon all my caravan behind. Which I think is a success 😀

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Didn't see message on the top of the page NEVERMIND.


By the way I loved "Dome Romantik" and I'de be very interested in having your feedback on my JAM game as well :


Oh will do, i love The Witness :)

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Thank you! Basically, you got several options to deal with the wood wall. 


If you reach it early, one woodcutter might be enough. With 2 it's well doable. You can also get a magus to remove some wood tiles, or delay the crumbling so that you have enough time. There is also a pass through the mountains, so you can circumvent the wall if you have the food for the treck. And finally, you could even bridge around the forest wall on the southwest sea.


Yeah I ended-up going through the mountain and barely made it. I wish the second map was less of a "Puzzle" and more like the first one!